Why I Hate Working For A Company, and I’m Better Off On My Own

Jamie Alexis
5 min readJun 21, 2020

How to stay motivated while working a job that’s not for you

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It gets harder and harder every time I do it. And it makes me more miserable every time. I just got back from visiting my sister in Florida a few weeks ago.

I was there for a total of five days; two of those days were spent helping her pack and move everything from her apartment. I hated feeling like I had to rush back to Missouri because I had to be at a physical place of work at a scheduled time.

I currently work in a pharmacy full time. I never look forward to my job for many reasons.

I work so much better alone when I make my schedule

I’m self-motivated, and I have so many ideas of my own and not enough hours in a day to implement them all.

I’m not at the point yet where I can quit my full-time job so I've tried to make things more bearable for myself for the time being. That way I don’t go crazy and destroy my mental health in the process.

At my job, I feel singled out.

I’m not even seen as the most influential team player, no matter how hard I try. Sometimes it seems like my bosses don’t let me work independently enough, and it infuriates me because I know that’s how I work best.

I’ve heard this before, “What are you working on, Jamie?” I feel like nobody sees the potential I know I have, and it’s frustrating.

I’m sick of feeling like I have to prove something to people at work. It makes me just not care anymore. I’m tired of always being given the dumb stuff to work on, or the most straightforward tasks. And I feel like I’m the last person they would ask for help on a project of any significance.

Working for a company will always make you reliant on others’ perceptions of you.

Working for a company changes the way you would act in certain situations

My bosses don’t always have the confidence in me like they should, which makes me overthink things and leads to mistakes I wouldn’t typically make…



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